Anaphylaxis Management: Initial Management in Non-Hospital Settings

Medical Directive ID: 
Lead Contact Person: 
Dawn Kruk
Physician/Nurse Lead: 
Dr. Sonny Cejic
Dr. Jo-Anne Hammond
Family Medicine - Byron Family Medical Centre
Family Medicine - Victoria Family Medical Centre
Approval By: 
Medical Advisory Committee
Original Effective Date: 
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Revised Date: 
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
To Be Reviewed Date: 
Sunday, January 13, 2019
This Medical Directive Applies to the following sites: 
This Medical Directive Applies to the following patient population: 

Anaphylaxis Management : Initial Management in Non-Hospital Settings 1.The Registered Nurse (RN) at the family medical centre will notify an on-site physician or NP(if physician not available) immediately.2.Promptly administer Epinephrine as stated in Medication/Drug Table. Call 911 if necessary.3.Insert oropharyngeal airway if indicated and required.4.Place patient in a recumbent position (elevating feet if possible)5.As an adjunct to epinephrine administration in a non-hospital setting, follow the appropriate algorithmbelow and arrange for rapid transport to an Emergency Department as necessary. 

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BhimaniMunsifMar 15 2016 06:52:30:677AM
CejicSonnyFeb 16 2016 12:18:35:293PM
CooksonChristinaApr 29 2016 09:13:11:473AM
DalesLaurenceFeb 11 2016 11:15:20:477AM
FreemanTomMar 2 2016 01:17:54:457PM
GrushkaDanielFeb 16 2016 01:20:59:350PM
HammondJo-AnneFeb 11 2016 06:54:40:390PM
JordanJohnFeb 18 2016 10:31:46:633AM
KimGeorgeFeb 17 2016 05:11:13:207AM
McKayScottFeb 23 2016 09:04:50:507PM
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